Frequently Asked Questions

How did Lead-Free NJ get started?
Lead-Free NJ was founded in 2021 as an equitable and inclusive collaborative. In 2019, a group of thought leaders convened with the common goal of pursuing a holistic agenda that would tackle the issue of lead poisoning in New Jersey by focusing not only on treating lead poisoning, but on eliminating the sources of lead, as well. Partners met to identify shared goals and think through the best ways to approach this issue. These partners capitalized on their collective, cross-sector work and harnessed the momentum that had been generated around lead-free solutions in NJ to launch this collaborative campaign.
Is Lead-Free NJ focused on policy or community organizing?
We’re glad you asked! The answer is BOTH. Lead-Free NJ is focused on state and local policy change. The collaborative seeks to eliminate racial and economic inequities by focusing on legacy lead hazards in low-income communities and/or communities of color, while also creating the conditions for children to be free from lead poisoning statewide. Community organizing is an important part of the work Lead-Free NJ does to build power in communities by listening to, educating, and mobilizing advocates at the local level.
How is the Lead-Free NJ leadership structured?
The collaborative is led by a Steering Committee that includes a diverse group of policy advocates, practitioners, and community organizers. They coordinate Lead-Free NJ activities, provide strategic guidance to staff and committees, and serve as representative voices of the collaborative. The Steering Committee is led by two co-chairs, who provide direction and leadership to the collaborative as they focus on ensuring that Lead-Free NJ achieves its mission and goals. However, all members are leaders! Each member plays an important role in the collaborative by contributing their knowledge, expertise, experiences, and voice to Lead-Free NJ so that they, too, can be part of the solution as we advocate for change together.
Is Lead-Free NJ focused only on water issues?
Definitely NOT. Lead-contaminated paint, water, soil, and other sources disproportionately affect young children, causing serious medical and behavioral issues into adulthood, and low-income communities and/or communities of color are most at risk, due to systemic inequities. By working together, we can address these solvable problems on a large scale and target the various sources of lead.
Can individuals join Lead-Free NJ?

Yes! Anyone can join Lead-Free NJ — as an individual or organization. Please visit our membership page here to sign up.

Is Lead-Free NJ aligned with a political party?
Lead-Free NJ is non-partisan and is not aligned explicitly or implicitly with any candidate or party.
Does Lead-Free NJ only work in large cities?
No, Lead-Free NJ is a statewide collaborative campaign comprised of members from all over NJ.