Our Guiding Principles

Baby boy crawls and plays with balls on the wooden floor, with father and mother smiling in the background.

Lead-contaminated paint, water, and soil, and other sources disproportionately affects young children, causing serious medical and behavioral issues into adulthood, and low-income communities and/or communities of color are most at risk, due to systemic inequities.

However, these issues can be prevented by targeting the sources of lead. Working together as Lead-Free NJ, an inclusive and equitable collaborative focused on removing lead from New Jersey’s environment, we can address this complex problem on a larger scale than any individual or organization can alone. 

The time is now to demand action and organize for state-wide lead remediation in every home, childcare facility, school, and water system. 

Our Purpose

Children playing indoors together.

To ensure that New Jersey’s children are free from lead poisoning and that our environment is lead-safe by advocating for changes to state and local policy. The collaborative seeks to eliminate racial and economic inequities by focusing on legacy lead hazards in low-income communities and/or communities of color, while also creating the conditions for children to be free from lead poisoning statewide.

Our Goals

Policy and Remediation

Holistic Lead Remediation

Eliminate childhood lead hazards in New Jersey within 10 years.

Equitable Government Policies

Equitable Policy Change

Achieve adoption of proactive, equitable state and local policies that ensure that our environment is lead-safe and our children are unburdened by lead.

Empowered Communities

Empowered Communities

Build the capacity and power of grassroots groups and affected communities.

Our Policy Agenda

Lead-Free NJ strives to achieve lead-free policy wins through a solutions-oriented, collective-action approach that amplifies the voices of affected communities and individuals.

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 Our Model

Uniting communities with policy-oriented organizations to effect change

Our Model - Effecting Change - Community Organizations, Community Members, Decision-makers, Grassroots Groups, and Traditional Policy-Oriented Organizations

Lead-Free NJ unites community organizations, grassroots groups, community members, and decision-makers with policy-oriented organizations to effect change at the local and state levels. We envision neighbors, friends, families, faith leaders, professionals, and elected officials working together to make New Jersey lead-free. We recognize the importance of representation in every aspect of Lead-Free NJ – from membership to leadership.

All of Lead-Free NJ’s  actions reflect the needs of community members.

Our Operating Procedures

The Operating Procedures explain how Lead-Free NJ, a collaborative initiative of many diverse organizations, will function. This is a living document that will adapt to the needs of its members and their shared purpose.

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