January 11, 2024
Lead-Free NJ Program Manager
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Lead is Left Out of the 2024 NJ State of the State Address

TRENTON, NJ, January 11, 2024 — Lead-Free NJ (LFNJ) Advocacy Coordinating Committee Co-chairs Yvette Jordan and Kelvin Boddy released the following statements on Governor Murphy’s 2024 State of the State Address:

“We appreciate the Governor’s calls for improving the quality of life in New Jersey and emphasizing the importance of safe and affordable housing in this pursuit. This must include holistic lead remediation as a priority. Lead exposure from household paint, as well as dust, soil, and drinking water, is known to permanently and negatively impact children’s lives, something that is completely preventable,” said Advocacy Coordinating Committee Co-Chair Kelvin Boddy. “Additionally, we celebrate the Governor’s commitment to universal pre-K and apprenticeship programs. Let’s also ensure that New Jersey child care centers are lead-free, and that the necessary workforce development opportunities are in place to address lead hazards at the community level.”

“New Jersey’s progress at state, local, and community levels on lead abatement was elevated by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a national standard—now is the time to lean into our progress addressing lead and increase New Jersey’s investment to upgrade our outdated and overstressed water infrastructure and housing stock,” said Advocacy Coordinating Committee Co-Chair Yvette Jordan.

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